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Babies get an average of 7 colds a year

The Number one best selling Baby Product in the World Now Available in Australia
"My 3 month old baby just hated the bulb aspirator and would scream whenever I used it. Also I was too scared as I wasn't sure if I was damaging his nostrils. But nosefrida is fantastic and sucks almost all the mucus instantly. I use it quite often to clear his mucus and just love doing it as it's nice to see my baby's face when the mucus is cleared. All happy and relieved. Priceless! Would recommend to all mothers out there."

"My daughter had her nose blocked for a whole month after she was born, and she had a cold 2 weeks later. After that someone recommended this. Nose frida is the greatest invention ever!! The best money I have ever spent. It cleared up her nose immediately and she slept so well. Thank you!"


Be prepared with Nosefrida the SnotSucker
The story behind Nosefrida in Australia is simple, and if you are reading this then you will know this story exactly, well the first part at least.

I became a new dad and my  baby girl became sick with flu, blocked nose and all stuffed up, I actually thought she would die in the middle of the night, (she was a tiny 4 week old baby) and so I bought the only product available at the time in Australia which was a bulb. It was bloody terrible, if your baby could keep her head still and the Sun, the planets and the moon aligned then maybe it would work, I didn”t like experimenting this on my sick daughter and she absolutely hated anything going up inside her nose..

I thought, there has to be something better and so I  started searching and I found it on Amazon.com, “the Nosefrida..”the only problem was they wouldn”t deliver to Australia, so I ended up buying it on Amazon.co.uk and paid over $30 for it..It was the number 2 best selling baby item at the time with hundreds of awesome reviews..I t definitely lived up to the hype and was a god  send for a sick baby, even though all this took about 2 weeks, delivery ect..

We moved house and when my second daughter came I couldn”t find it, I had to buy it again on Amazon and get ripped off again, I thought buggar that and took over the brand so now here you have it readily available for a decent prices of $15.95, how cool is that, well snot is not that cool but I hate getting ripped off so its cool in my book..

We love mothers groups…and we offer big discounts for 10 or more with free delivery so everyone in your group can have one.. .
Nosefrida is the number one selling Nasal Aspirator Worldwide, it reduces the amount of mucous in the nose. When your baby is congested and they are too young to blow their own nose, Nosefrida helps clear their nose, enabling them to breathe, feed and sleep easier.